Yet Another Movie: IMDB Top 250 movies

I’m not a big movie person. Nonetheless I have a media library with quite a few films in and I wondered how many “films to see before you die”-type movies I had in the collection, and how many were missing. I used R to find the answers. I’ve described previously how to get a plain […]

Papers for MD9A8 – 2023 edition

It’s a New Year and so it is time to post the papers I have selected for a module that I teach on (MD9A8, the module formerly known as MD997). Previous selections are grouped here or here. The list serves as a snapshot of interesting papers published in the previous 12 months or so. I hope it […]

Now Playing

Another post about my time on Twitter. I will post the code in a separate post so that the R-bloggers don’t syndicate this one, which is about music. In my time on Twitter I occasionally posted about what I was listening to. I did this with a #NowPlaying hashtag. I wanted to preserve these tweets […]