Get Better: early career researcher development

How can we contribute to the development of early career researchers in a lab environment?

I’m talking about how people in the lab acquire “soft skills” or “get better” in ways that are parallel to doing research. This sort of training can get overlooked in the chase for new results and the excitement of doing biomedical research.

I’m testing out a strategy to develop the skills of people in the lab. It’s an experiment. I’ll share what we’re trying out here in case others want to pursue a similar approach.

My idea was take a place in the lab meeting rota and use this for sessions aimed at developing the skills of the people in the lab. This is a way to force me to schedule something at a set time. The list of things we’ve covered is below. I will update the links as-and-when the posts are ready.

  • Creating a research profile [link]
  • CV clinic [link]
  • Writing a paper
  • Learning LaTeX and Overleaf [link]
  • Learning to code in R [link]

The post title comes from Get Better by The New Fast Automatic Daffodils. The version I have is on a compilation of Martin Hannett produced tracks called “And Here Is The Young Man”