What’s In The Box II: Wrapped but not streamed

In early December, Spotify users received a list, known as Spotify Wrapped, of the tracks they listened to most in 2021. As a committed non-streamer, I was a bit envious of these lists; so I decided to assemble my own list using my Music database.

This was possible by comparing two snapshots of my Music database in xml format* that were taken in 2020 and yesterday. I don’t think anyone is interested in the technical details but I used this project as the basis.

The results are a fun reminder of what was on heavy rotation in my household – and the reasons why.

126Links RechtsSnollebollekesLinks Rechts [Single]2015
225Break My HeartDua LipaFuture Nostalgia2020
323Jump Rope GazersThe BethsJump Rope Gazers2020
420HogThe Lemon TwigsSongs For The General Public2020
519Stay HatedBENCHPRESSStay Hated2012
618JuliaSilver SunSilver Sun1996
717I’m Gonna Knock On Your DoorCloud ElevenPandora’s Box2021
817Always; Your WayMy VitriolFinelines2001
913RideCathedralThe Ethereal Mirror1993
1011WhyCydoniaIn Fear Of A Red Planet1999
1111In The MeantimeHelmetMeantime1992
1210He’d Be a DiamondBevis FrondNew River Head1990
139So What the FussStevie WonderA Time To Love2005
149She Plays BassBeabadoobeeSpace Cadet EP2018
158Rosie in the RainElectric Looking GlassSomewhere Flowers Grow2021
168Oh, SakiThe Magic GangThe Magic Gang (Deluxe)2018
178Foot on NecksSault52019
188Playing My PianoWeezerOK Human2021
198In a Daze One Sunday MorningEl GoodoZombie2020
208Shit For BrainsFudge TunnelTeeth EP1992
The top 20 most listened to songs. Only the top entry from each artist is shown.

I admit that the top two tracks are guilty pleasures who owe their places at the top due to lockdown-induced dancing in our kitchen. I wouldn’t know about “Links Rechts” or indeed the genre of carnavalskraker if it weren’t for this viral video showing some Beefeaters and a T. Rex dancing to it on the slopes of the Col de Galibier during the 2019 Tour de France. A hearty mea culpa to listening to Dua Lipa though. Future Nostalgia is, on paper, the type of record I have spent my life trying to avoid. However, the production is undeniably awesome and the tunes seriously catchy.

Three tracks on here feature on my list of favourite albums of 2021.

* after iTunes became Music, this task became more complicated. In iTunes, an xml-formatted copy of the database could be “shared with other applications” and snapped in an automated way. In Music, the database needs to be exported manually.

The post title comes from “What’s In The Box (See Whatcha Got)” by The Boo Radleys from their “C’mon Kids” album. I seem to remember that this song is about what’s in your record box, although I couldn’t find any confirmation on the web.