Like I Said: archive of tweets

Hopefully I will soon break out of this funk of posting about either Mastodon or Twitter. But not yet!

This post is to say that:

I made a static archive of tweets for @quantixed and for @clathrin.

There, you can read all my posts, which ended in 2022.

How did I do it and why?

I made the archive with this excellent tool written by Darius Kazemi. There’s an alternative version here, and the results with that look really nice too.

I wanted to put the posts up somewhere on the web for posterity. I am still undecided about deleting all the content and/or killing my accounts, but at some point I’m likely to do that.

Darius’s tool makes an archive which can be uploaded to the web, but you could also just browse your tweets on your own computer. If you are only want to create a version for your own use, there are several other useful ways to do this. I used twitter-archive-parser last year to get all the tweets and media out in a markdown archive. There are several other tools listed to try as alternatives. I don’t know if these still work given the changes at X/Twitter.

Anything else?

Well, I have previously posted about my tweets and tweeting habits. You can see those using the Twitter tag.

Finally, the old Twitter news feeds for my lab and the Centre where I work have also been archived as well. If you’d like to visit, the lab archive is here and the Centre one is here.

The post title is taken from “Like I Said” by Screaming Trees from the Other Worlds EP.

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