Screenager: screening times at bioRxiv

When a preprint is uploaded to bioRxiv, it undergoes screening before it appears online. How long does it take for Affiliates to screen preprints at bioRxiv? tl;dr I used R to look at bioRxiv screening times. Even though bioRxiv has expanded massively, screening happens quickly (in about 24 h). I am a bioRxiv Affiliate – […]

Take Off: preprints on COVID-19

I’m posting this the morning after generating a graph, and it’s already out-of-date. During the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, preprint servers such as bioRxiv and medRxiv have again shown that they are the most effective way of communicating science rapidly. A collection of all papers on COVID-19 deposited on these two servers is available here, and […]

Methods papers for MD997 – 2020 edition

I run a Masters module called MD997. Over six weeks, students have to write a grant proposal and then assess their peers’ proposals at a mock grant panel. Each student bases their proposal on a paper. They present that paper to the class and then they write their proposal using the paper as a springboard. […]

Not What You Want II

This is a follow up to a previous post. Despite what the title says, it is what we wanted. Our paper on dongles has just been published in Journal of Cell Science. The previous post on quantixed, explained all about the paper and the background to it. The journal featured our paper as a research […]

Tiny Universe: new paper on intracellular nanovesicles

We have a new paper out! You can access it here. The paper in a nutshell We have discovered a new class of trafficking vesicle inside cells. These vesicles are very small (30 nm across) and we’ve called them intracellular nanovesicles, or INVs for short. What is a trafficking vesicle? Humans are built from lots […]

Yesterday’s Numbers

A quick post this week. I write “this week” in an attempt to convince regular readers that weekly posting will continue. I noticed that J. Cell Sci. give download metrics for their papers and that these downloads are categorised into abstract, full-text and PDF. I was interested in how one of my papers performed. After […]