Modern Cell Biology Is Computational

I wrote a short opinion piece for the December Newsletter for the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB). The content is reproduced below, or you can read the newsletter version here on page 14 of the PDF. The theme of this year’s ASCB|EMBO Meeting is Cell Biology for the 21st Century. So what skills are essential […]

A Book Like This: The Digital Cell

It’s real! I recently received a physical copy of my book, The Digital Cell: Cell Biology as a Data Science. It is published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and is available here. The official release date is 1st December 2019. As I’ve described before, “The Digital Cell” a handbook to doing cell, developmental and […]

Coming Soon: The Digital Cell

Long-time readers might remember the short-lived series on quantixed called The Digital Cell. There is a reason why I stopped these posts, which I can now reveal… The Digital Cell will soon be a book! Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, The Digital Cell is a handbook to help cell and developmental biologists get to […]

Blind To The Truth

Molecular Biology of The Cell, the official journal of the American Society for Cell Biology, recently joined a number of other periodicals in issuing guidelines for manuscripts, concerning statistics and reproducibility. I discussed these guidelines with the lab and we felt that there are two areas where we can improve: blind analysis power calculations A post about power […]

The Arcane Model

I’m currently writing two manuscripts that each have a substantial data modelling component. Some of our previous papers have included computer code, but it was straightforward enough to have the code as a supplementary file or in a GitHub repo and leave it at that. Now with more substantial computation in the manuscript, I was wondering how best to […]