I’m not following you II: Twitter data and R

My activity on twitter revolves around four accounts. Practice note:@clathrin: science, cell biology, sometimes music and cycling/running@roylelab: lab news and announcements, part of @Warwick_CMCB@quantixed: programming, data, nerdery.Opinions my own etc — Steve Royle (@clathrin) May 4, 2018 I try to segregate what happens on each account, and there’s inevitably some overlap. But what about overlap […]

Parallel lines: new paper on modelling mitotic microtubules in 3D

We have a new paper out! You can access it here. The people This paper really was a team effort. Faye Nixon and Tom Honnor are joint-first authors. Faye did most of the experimental work in the final months of her PhD and Tom came up with the idea for the mathematical modelling and helped to […]